WEEK NINE: The Golden Child

Three years ago I discovered the blueprint for the house my parents built. The blueprint was yellow and frail. This was the house I grew up in. My mind was filled with memories and pictures from the past. I walked through the blueprint and remembered the color of the rooms, the green carpet, white fireplace and orange bar stools. Yes, this was the 60’s, complete with avocado kitchen appliances!

After my parent’s sold the house I was invited back by the new owners to see the remodeling they had completed. The house was beautiful and up-to-date. But it held none of my memories. There was nothing left from the pictures in my mind. I was disappointed. The blueprint of the house had been destroyed.

Today, I am in the process of destroying my old blueprint and replacing it with my DMP.  It is my new blueprint created around my personal pivotal needs. Pivotal needs…the things that drive me. The things I had never stopped to identify before I started this class. I am remodeling my mind. It is not easy.

Destroying my old blueprint has been difficult…why? It is called my comfort zone. My personality type loves comfort zones! There are several habits I must do everyday to prevent my comfort zone from taking control. I do them three times a day. I have discovered I must “Do it now,” and repeat, ” I can be what I will to be.” No one has ever said to me…”You can be what you will to be.” I have never been encouraged to follow my dream, or pursue my gifts. It was all due to the sign of the times.  The times when girls became teachers, nurses, secretaries and accountants…not entrepreneurs.

Now I know my pivotal needs and my DMP is built around true health and recognition of creative expression. I am chipping away at the cement to discover the golden child. She is beautiful, healthy, and greets each day with love.  I am stepping way outside my comfort zone, and I am challenging myself every day.

My methods? Practicing the Laws of the Mind, keeping my promises, reading, reading, reading…reciting my DMP, listening to my DMP, viewing my DMP, setting goals, accomplishing goals,  praying….remembering who I am! Three times a day is now becoming more of a continuous practice. I am learning not to compare myself to others, my work is unique, and I am becoming.

Every time my old blueprint creates doubt and tells me…”You can’t!” and the voice of negativity rises, the golden child…the voice of reason…responds, ” I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!” There is no argument…after all, she is a centered and balanced peacemaker. The old blueprint goes back to sleep. The golden child is getting stronger…she is becoming.  She is jumping off of a cliff.



About Master Key Mary

Mother, Grandmother...chasing life with a camera. Lover of the outdoors. Living an attitude of gratitude by... Living the moment. Looking for His gifts. Giving thanks. Living a life of adventure. Changing my thinking and changing my life with the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance.
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4 Responses to WEEK NINE: The Golden Child

  1. cool analogy, good job, and you have more peace of mind I bet, thank you

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  2. I love that your Golden Child, YO, is keeping you in line. Fantastic blog, thank you Mary. Loved your analogy to your old home.

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  3. Wow you’re making great progress towards becoming your ‘new self’! Great analogy and awesome insights!

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  4. You are building the bridge Mary-, enjoy your journey! Carol


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