Week 15 The Point of No Return



I read a blog today by one of our fellow students and it hit me so hard that I had to write about it.  Masterkeybrooke.wordpress.com wrote a blog summarizing the movie, Wild, which was part of our movie list to check out.  I had watched October Sky, Cool Runnings, and Rudy; as those three were child-friendly, but had not gotten around to watching this one yet.  Reading her recount this woman’s struggles and determination; “As she progressed her will to complete this challenge she set for herself got more intense. It was a minute to minute thing of her wanting to quit.”  I couldn’t help but feel compassion and recognition.  I, too, feel I have reached the point of no return.  And with every moment that I have a vision of the old me coming back into the driver’s seat, taking the not-easy-but-familiar road, the escape artist, this roar…

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About Master Key Mary

Mother, Grandmother...chasing life with a camera. Lover of the outdoors. Living an attitude of gratitude by... Living the moment. Looking for His gifts. Giving thanks. Living a life of adventure. Changing my thinking and changing my life with the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance.
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  1. jenorator79 says:

    Thank you, Mary, for sharing this blog.


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