WEEK SEVEN: Overcomer

Changing my thinking is not easy…it takes dedication every single day. I cannot afford slip ups, or the easy life of cruising on automatic pilot…aimless thinking will get me no where!

This week was unusual, out of the norm. I was traveling 5 out of 7 days… on the road, sleeping in hotels, meetings, and connecting with people. It was an adventure…no routine, no maps…only my Navigator app on my phone and a lesson in trust. Trusting the Navigator to get me to the right place and the right time. It is really a simple app on my phone, and she did her job…talking me through Dallas, Irving, Grapevine, Roanoke, Garland and back to central Kansas. The Navigator did her job.

My “Subby,” is the app that keeps me going in the right direction. She needs the right input to keep me going. What input does my subconscious need to function? Good habits! Many of them were hard to perform this past week. Sitting still was a stretch! Exercise was modified. Opinions were everywhere! The only building block that held in place during this trip was my reading, and my ability to stand back and “see” what was happening. It was just what “Subby” needed to do her job.

The result? My old blueprint…my old way of thinking, tried to take over. I said tried, but ” Subby” held her ground. She was weak, but she held on because she had just enough feedback to keep her alive. My Subby was still reminded every day to “Do it now!” and “I can be, what I will to be!” I guess I can say these two sayings are her essential vitamins.

This experience taught me that I have to be persistent every single day, not just some of the time, but all of the time. That I AM who I think I Am…and I Am an Over-comer, in training every single day!

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MKMMA Week 6 – Stop Talking At The Dog


If you’ve ever shared your home with a furry friend you probably know what I’m talking about. You wake up in the morning and walk into the hallway. You stumble along in your bare feet as you wipe the sleep from your eyes. As you proceed around the corner you step in something… moist. It can only be one thing… Yuck.


Our canine friend’s ears start to droop.

“What did you do?”, you calmly ask.

Her tail starts to tuck down.

You gather the needed supplies to clean the mess. The smell is overpowering. “Wow… this is nasty.”, you state to man’s best friend. She skulks off into the corner to sulk.

Now how much of this exchange does our furry friend really comprehend? Honestly, not a lot. She knows that what she did was upsetting. She knows she shouldn’t have done it, even though she’s not really sure…

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WEEK SIX: All You Need is Love

The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino is one of my favorite books. Have you read it? It takes the reader through the reading of ten scrolls.  The Scroll Marked II reads, ” I will greet this day with love in my heart.” Can you do it? Greet the day with love in your heart? The piece that makes or breaks me is underlined and highlighted. It reads as follows,” I will greet this day with love in my heart. And most of all I will love myself. For when I do I will zealously inspect all things which enter my body, my mind, my soul, and my heart. Never will I overindulge the requests of my flesh, rather I will cherish my body with cleanliness and moderation. Never will I allow my mind to be attracted to evil and despair, rather I will uplift it with the knowledge and wisdom of the ages. Never will I allow my soul to become complacent and satisfied, rather I will feed it with meditation and prayer. Never will I allow my heart to become small and bitter, rather I will share it and it will grow and warm the earth. I will greet this day with love in my heart.”

Can you do it…love yourself? My favorite leadership book states,” The second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself.” My home work? To love myself, to forgive myself. Without this hard work I am unable to greet this day with love in my heart, I am unable to love or forgive others.

How will you be able to spot a person who greets the day with love? There is a sparkle in their eye, a smile on their face, their heart is open, and their laughter sings. They are magnets because others are drawn to them. They have discovered the greatest gifts of all…love, joy, forgiveness, and mercy.

“If I have no other qualities I can succeed with love alone.” Go ahead…love yourself. It is the only way to succeed in life. Greet each day with love in your heart. It is the greatest gift of all.

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WEEK FIVE: THe Press Release and the Baggage Handler

A press release, now that is stretching me…way outside of my comfort zone. Have you ever had to write one about yourself? You will never find me front and center. If you look for me you will always find me in the background, I am the server, not the guest. I care for others, I’m a nurse. I have welcomed people into the world and I have been with them when they leave. Both places are sacred ground. You will find me behind the camera, never in front and for that reason it was almost impossible to find a picture of myself for my “About Me.” A press release makes me uncomfortable.

Baggage. We all have it, that is if we are alive. Baggage…the negative experiences that have happened to us or someone we love. Most of us are pretty good at moving our baggage into the attic of our mind. That is, until something like a press release,  pulls mine out of my attic and sets it right down in front of my feet. If I move I will  stumble right over it, and I was about to stumble right over mine when my “World Within” grabbed me by my shoulders and straightened me out.

My “World Within” spoke to me. I have been learning to separate myself from my feelings, and from my baggage. To be the observer, and listen. It takes practice, to be still, and listen to that quiet voice, the voice of my Creator. The voice of the Baggage Handler. It’s the same voice that tells me when I am in alignment with my assignment, my Defined Major Purpose. It’s the same voice that says, share your gift…the gift of encouragement.

I thought I knew where I was headed when I started out on this adventure with the Master Key Alliance. Today’s truth is I don’t have a clue. I am learning that I will need to trust my guide, to be in harmony, stay connected with God, and toss my baggage over to Him, the Baggage Handler.

Now I have work to do, it’s called a Press Release…it’s sharing where I am going and how I am going to use my gift. It’s a wild ride. “I can be, what I will to be!”

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WEEK FOUR: The Phoenix

I Can Be What I Will To Be

What I am learning: The precursor to failure is fatigue. Are you aware? Have you noticed? How you feel on a daily basis? This week was the test. Four days that challenged my thinking, every single day. Four days that set me up daily to take the easy way out. Four days fighting with “the dark side,” you know what I mean…negative thoughts and feelings of despair…all accentuated by lack of adequate rest.

But, I am learning. Athletes practice every day. Runners practice every day.  Successful people practice every day…by reading, meditating, exercising, building strong support systems, eating right and developing  good habits, even when they don’t “feel” like it.

This week I found myself practicing good habits, even when I was tired.  There I was reading The World’s Greatest Salesman morning, noon, and night. The same chapter, three times a day, day in and day out. “Today, I begin a new life.” That’s the drill, straight out of the book.  Even when I was too tired to keep going, every night I was reading out loud… to my dog. It was the only way to stay awake! Every single day, being aware of my thoughts, practicing meditation, and pulling myself back to reality…to positive thoughts. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Some days better than others. Every single night falling into bed exhausted, some nights crying while I read. Exhaustion will do that, change lives.

The result? Some say that I failed. That I became distracted. That I lost the fight…all because  of exhaustion. But I say that I learned. I learned that if I don’t care for myself, I don’t have the energy to separate myself from my thoughts. I learned to catch myself in mid thought and change my direction. I learned how easy it is to fall into negative thinking due to circumstances. I learned that I am powerful when I control my  thoughts instead of my thoughts controlling me.. and lastly, I learned what it means to be a Phoenix. A Phoenix that rises from the ashes.

Follow my blog and read about my journey. The journey of changing my life by changing my thoughts.  I’ll meet you here, every week. I always keep my promises.

Leave a comment or share. It is always great to hear from you.

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Bogged Down by a Blog

I’m feeling it, a rhythm to working with this system, the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. It has taken me awhile to carve out the time. You know what I mean…working, cooking, exercise, time with family, meditation, and reading The Greatest Salesman in the World three times a day. Add my other reading, the chore cards, looking for red circles, DMP, the webinars and my life is busy! Did I mention play? I think I might just be getting a little obsessive compulsive, or maybe that is just the start of a good habit! I’m feeling something happening, and I’m anticipating great things. No, I expect great things because I always keep my promises! I’m not complaining just saying I think I have something going. That is the problem with writing, you can’t here my tone and you don’t know if I am sincere, or sarcastic. It’s sincere.  I can’t believe it…all the red circles, can you?!

Did I mention the blog? I love reading your blogs. I especially love the art, video’s, pictures, your energy, thoughts and feelings. They make your blogs alive! They have personality. But, if you will notice…I’m still a work in progress. I’m a little bogged down by my blog. She hasn’t developed her personality and she doesn’t have a voice. Thank goodness for the Monday video’s! Without them I would not have progressed this far. OK, so it shows…I’m a little illiterate when it comes to social media. I may also be showing my age, but for me…age is just a number. The age of my spirit? Timeless. I have a lot of life and dreams…and time is ticking. Don’t let your time get away from you! That’s why I’m here. Not to chase my dreams, but to catch my dreams!

Here is the plan…conquer it…the blog. dress her up with some art, pictures, graphics and maybe a video or two. In the next week she should become prettier and start showing her personality. Before long she just may start talking!

I’m with the Master Key Mastermind Alliance to catch my dream.  My life changes in January and I don’t want to waste time chasing a dream, instead I want to catch it! You see, I only have 24 hours to live. Really only seconds. So do you. You just may not realize it yet. I don’t have time to waste. Neither do you. Do it now! Catch that dream.

Why are you here? Maybe tired of chasing dreams instead of catching them? Maybe because you lost your confidence? Maybe because you want to be even better? Maybe because you are lost, and don’t really know who you are? Talk to me, that’s really what she is…this blog. Leave a comment. Why are you here?

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I will form good habits and become their slave.

Today I begin a new life.

Has it happened to you yet? It has happened to me. I have wanted to eliminate a bad habit, and not succeeded. “In order to eliminate a bad habit, it must be replaced by a good habit.” Great idea. But how easy is it? Replacing bad habits, replacing negative thoughts, having control of my thoughts.

So here is the drill…Read “The Scroll Marked I” in the Greatest Salesman in the World. Sounds easy enough. But here is the catch….read it first thing in the morning, after the the midday meal, and lastly just before going to sleep. Just before going to sleep it must be read out loud. Those are the instructions, straight out of the book. OK, no big deal. Three times…for 30 days. Day 12 hits and my “subby” hits me full force. My old blueprint is saying…”this is boring, you already know this stuff, it was great the first few days, but you have 18 days to go…54 more times.” That’s when it clicked, I knew this would happen, and I am going to push through. Because I am committed to making a difference in my thinking, how I manage my thoughts, and how I live my adventure! The Hero is in training, and the Hero will win! Bring on the evening read, out loud! I will succeed!

Second drill…Sitting still for 15 minutes. That’s right.  Sitting still, no movement. “Until we control the body, we can not control the mind.” Well that was going quite well…until Tuesday evening. Tuesday evening 10 minutes into the drill my 90 pound dog sits in front of my feet and starts barking. I tell myself, “DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT!” Since that did not work, she started nudging my hand…all attempts to make me break my sit…and pay attention to her. Time ticks so slowly when a dog is barking at your feet. The result? I did it! I maintained my sit, I maintained stillness. I did not make eye contact. Do you know how much power that gives me? It was great!! I was in control of myself!

Follow me on my adventure as I change my life by changing my thinking! I will succeed!

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