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I am part of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance 26 week program. Part of our work includes identifying our Definite Major Purpose (DMP). One of my assignments is to write a press release interview looking into the future and the outcome of my DMP. My press release follows.

October 24, 2018 On the Road with Steve Hartman

Steve: This is for anyone who has ever felt stressed and burned out…Somewhere in a small town in central Kansas we are catching up with Mary, a woman who describes herself as an ordinary woman turning ordinary moments into extraordinary gifts.

Steve: Tell me Mary, why did you want to meet us in the evening?

Mary: So that you could experience the night time gifts. I make a habit of making out gift lists, and now you are included on that list.

Steve: So tell me about this gift list.

Mary: Several years ago I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. I guess you could say that I was hope less. I was lacking joy and enthusiasm in my life. On one of those days I heard a message,” stop thinking about yourself.” I discovered the path to joy and peace was living a life of gratitude instead of living a life of lack. That’s when the list started.

Steve: So tell us, what is on the list?

Mary: Well most people come up with the most common things, health, job, family, a home, education. I think you get the idea. I started looking for small ordinary moments.
Steve: Can you give us an example?

Mary: Steve, I am so glad you asked. So here we are in the back yard, its dark, except for the lights on my pergola. Please close your eyes. Let’s see if I can help you find the gifts. Please sit quietly for a few moments. Now Steve, what are the gifts in my back yard?

Steve: This is like hunting for Easter eggs! Can you help me?

Mary: Yes! Tell me, what do you hear? Is it quiet or loud outside?

Steve: Quiet, this is a small town!

Mary: Do you hear nature?

Steve: Yes, there are a couple of owls calling to each other.

Mary: What else do you hear?

Steve: Coyotes in the distance.

Mary: Yes! This is a small town, one square mile. You are hearing the country side breathe. Is there anything else?

Steve: People cheering. Is there a football game tonight?

Mary: Absolutely, It’s Friday Night Lights. Steve, do you smell anything?

Steve: A fireplace and something cooking on a grill somewhere.

Mary: What do you feel?

Steve: A cool breeze, I need a jacket.

Mary: Open your eyes, what do you see?

Steve: Stars, pergola lights, the water tower, and moon. Is it full moon tonight? I had not noticed or seen the starts so bright. There isn’t much light contamination in this part of the country.

Mary: Yes it is full moon, it is gorgeous, a golden glow. It looks like a giant ball. So Steve in these few moments you have discovered gifts. Things most people take for granted, because they don’t take the moments to pause and discover. We live in a multitasking society full of technology that takes us away from living. If we don’t live the moment, we lose a part of ourselves and our relationships.

Steve: Is there more to this gift list?

Mary: There are three steps. 1) Live the moment. Be present. It takes discipline. 2) During the moment, look for His gifts. They are always free to us. 3) Give thanks. This is the path to true joy and peace.

Steve: Tell me about the book you wrote about the gifts. I already know that you have been sharing your photography and the gifts you have discovered.

Mary: My book Moments…Living Life on Purpose was just published by Zondervan. It is easily recognizable. It is a leather bound journal with pictures I have collected depicting gifts and comments describing the gifts. There is even additional space to make your own comments or jot your own memories. You can pack it and take it with you as you travel. It was written to remind people to pause and live the moment. The book is meant to be passed on to a loved person. It becomes a personal story.

Steve: Do you have plans to expand your writing?

Mary: Yes, I have two more books that will be in this series, Gifts and Thanks. They support my philosophy of Living the moment. Looking for His Gifts, and giving thanks.

Steve: I know that you have one more project that you are involved in. What is it?

Mary: It is a company that I own, Well Being – A Lifestyle Company. Well Being is built on the foundation that everyone wants to feel great, look great, do the things they love, and connect with their creator. We provide solutions for problems.

Steve: What is the mission of Well Being?

Mary: The mission includes the foundation statement of the company plus caring of others while living in harmony. A percentage of the profit supports elderly persons on fixed incomes who are no longer able to pay for their health care needs. This money supports their health needs which improves their quality of life. At the same time we assist them to do the things they still love to do.

Steve: How do you maintain balance in your life? You sound busy!

Mary: By caring for myself. This includes eating right, getting enough sleep, exercising, and spending time with the people I love. I also allow alone time for meditation and just being alone. It is how I energize myself! This takes discipline.

Steve: I think there just might be some people out there who envy the lifestyle you have built. Do you have any last words?

Mary: Yes, remember every day is a gift waiting to be opened. I love to open gifts. Have you opened yours today?

Steve: Great words to live by. It’s time to open the gifts!


4 Responses to Press Release

  1. You are on a mission to bring gifts to many and you are truly a GIFT! Embrace your journey, Carol


  2. I love the awareness of gifts that you share with every person who reads this. Thank you for sharing!


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